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GraziaCAD for Ateliers

The solution improves work productivity of ateliers, small enterprises and pattern designing bureaus in development of all kind of the clothes, head wear, leather goods, tourist equipment and other garments.


  • Time saving for development of model construction
  • Instant grading of pattern pieces for all necessary sizes and reconstruction for individual figures
  • Perfect quality of garments in all sizes
  • Automatic sorting of body measurements for execution of corporative orders
  • Output patterns to plotter

CAD Modules

GraziaCAD for Ateliers includes modules:

Optional modules:

and the other GraziaCAD Modules


  • Buy – $5,000 USD
  • Rent, yearly – $1,000 USD special offer

Switching to GraziaCAD for Enterpises is easy, just pay the price difference between the two solutions

Free Test of GraziaCAD Efficiency

Check the GraziaCAD effectiveness before purchasing!

The capability of the system will be shown in Presentation and Experiment during 1 day. The “Grazia” specialist will take part in the process of development and preproduction of real model. It allows to make sure the system solves all tasks of the enterprise on the new qualitative level, with the improvement of all indexes.

Installing of program and training of specialists can be performed directly at the enterprise or distantly via Internet.

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