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GraziaCAD for Students

The solution is used in the educational process for "Fashion design" and "Technology of apparel manufacturing" specialities, to complete course and graduating projects and researches.

The solution promotes a high level of professional skills, acquisitions of new practice and increases the possibility of successful employment.

Students who master the GraziaCAD get a certificate. The enterprise they will work at gets 10% discount for purchasing the GraziaCAD


  • Limitless possibilities in pattern design and for building Basic and Model constructions
  • Instant grading of the pattern pieces for required sizes and heights
  • Control of model quality in all sizes
  • Export patterns or draft to the graphics editor for decorative design
  • Ability to print patterns one by one using A4 or A3 sized printer
  • Ability to plot a set of pattern pieces in an educational institution

CAD Modules

GraziaCAD for Students includes modules:

Optional CAD module:
Manufacturing Technology


  • 30 days free
  • Rent – $150 USD yearly

Free trial version

The free trial version is installing for 30 days.

Instructions, Self-study Manual and Video lessons are supplied for self-learning.

Training with a GraziaCAD instructor or distance learning via Internet is also available.

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