GraziaCAD Solutions

GraziaCAD for Enterprises

The solution increases the competitiveness of factory and raises the organization of Manufacturing for men, women, childrens garments, knitted and fur wear, working clothes and school uniform, headdress, leather garments and tourist equipment to the new qualitative level.
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GraziaCAD for Ateliers

The solution improves work productivity of ateliers, small enterprises and pattern designing bureaus in development of all kind of the clothes, head wear, leather goods, tourist equipment and other garments.
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GraziaCAD for Freelancers

The solution provides a high functionality for commercial pattern design and effective cooperation with sewing enterprises.

Freelancers use the GraziaCAD to make pattern pieces:

  • for the own manufacture
  • for the enterprises orders
  • being employed at any enterprise that use any CAD or without one
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GraziaCAD for Sewing Amateurs

The solution allows sewing amateur to learn the high computer technology of garment design GraziaCAD and to use it for private purposes to make patterns for all types of clothes.
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GraziaCAD for Students

The solution is used in the educational process for "Fashion design" and "Technology of apparel manufacturing" specialities, to complete course and graduating projects and researches.

The solution promotes a high level of professional skills, acquisitions of new practice and increases the possibility of successful employment.
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