Vitaliy Ieshchenko
Managing Director of GraziaCAD Software Company
Phone: +7‑(903)‑764‑78‑25
Vladimir Zabelin
Head of Customer Service
Andrew Ieshchenko
Head of Distance Learning Center
Anna Moskavtsova
Head of GraziaCAD Internet Design Center

About company

Results of fundamental researches in sphere of mathematical methods of geometrical projection are the development basis of CAD system GRAZIA. The first program of optimal markers projection for cutting of knitted fabric was created in 1977.

Using of special mathematical methods provides automate execution of geometrical and technological conditions, high speed and precision of making decisions.

GraziaCAD realizes a new way of automation Pattern design and suggests high computer technology of complex automation for projecting tasks.

GraziaCAD Marker making module realizes semi-automatic mode of marker lay-up that allows to combine experience of specialist and performance of computer to project economical and technological markers.

Also GraziaCAD automates processes of Storing calculation, Planning and operation of Business.

These features are considerably distinguish GraziaCAD from another analogous domestic and foreign software.

GraziaCAD successfully used by garment, knitted and fur factories, small enterprises, in Fashion houses, Design-Studious.

GraziaCAD is involved in educational programs and providing of researches at 84 Institutes and Universities, 82 colleges and 12 lyceums of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Moldova.