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GraziaCAD for Academic Institutions

GraziaCAD is a perfect tool both for business usage, and for students of "Pattern design of sewing goods" and "Technology of garments production" specialities.

Academic Pricing

For each workplace/PC in US dollars, without taxes:

  • up to 5 PCs – $150
  • up to 10 PCs – $135
  • up to 15 PCs – $127
  • up to 20 PCs – $121
  • more than 20 PCs – $118

The payment is proceded after installation and testing GraziaCAD software.

Technical support service: 2% from the cost of installed software, yearly.

For Teachers and Students

"Pattern design and modelling" GraziaCAD module is installed free of charge to teachers of educational institutions for profound aquaintance.

GraziaCAD annual rent for students is $150 USD.

Graduating students that are become proficient in high computer technology are ready to execute complex creative tasks for apparel production.

Today GraziaCAD is succesfully used in educational process to provide yearly projects, dissertations and science production researches at 84 institutes and universities, 82 colleges and 12 lyceums.

  GraziaCAD is a platform that allows to join industrial requirements and possibilities of educational institutions.

Vitaliy Ieshchenko
PhD, Managing Director of GraziaCAD Software Company

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