Design Module

Design Module automates works of Designer Art-Modeller.

There are 3 ways of creation draft model in digital form as file: creating directly in graphic editor, making photo with digital camera, and picture scanning.

To create draft may used any graphic editor as PhotoShop, CorelDraw, or others. Designer also can draw draft by hand and then scan it.

Using digital camera designer can form a computer catalogue of models.

The great importance that draft model save as file with name of future model. This draft of future model is included to models database and become allowable to be reviewed at next stages by constructor, technologist, marker, managers, and direction.

Design CAD ModuleDesign CAD ModuleDesign CAD Module

Design CAD Module also has database for Chief of perspective product development department. This database helps to plan, coordinate and evaluate job of creative stuff of Designers, Constructors, Technologist.

The main terms are Collection, its name and author. Collection consists of Models. The plan of model developing include information about developers (Designer, Constructor and Technologist) and dates of beginning and finishing creation product.

The first step of product development starts with writing Technical description of the future model. This document is creating by Designer, Constructor and Technologist to make description of all model and technological features of future model.

The accounting of the job execution is made automatically.

Computer technology that is implemented in GraziaCAD allows to automate all the stages of pre-production and organize correspondence between all stages and modules. This software helps to form comfortable facilities for a creative process.