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GraziaCAD for Sewing Amateurs

The solution allows sewing amateur to learn the high computer technology of garment design GraziaCAD and to use it for private purposes to make patterns for all types of clothes.


  • Designing the constructions from scratch using any method of pattern design
  • Modelling own or supplied basic constructions
  • Instant reconstruction of model pattern pieces to fit the specified body measurements
  • Printing patterns one by one using A4 or A3 sized printer

Optional modules:

  • Plotting patterns
  • Export to *.HPGL and *.PLT file formats

and the other options are in the GraziaCAD for Freelancers solution

CAD Modules

GraziaCAD for Sewing Amateurs includes modules:


  • Buy – $1,500 USD
  • Rent – $300 USD yearly special offer

Switching to GraziaCAD for Freelancers is easy, just pay the price difference between the two solutions

Free trial version

The free trial version is installing for 30 days.

Instructions, Self-study Manual and Video lessons are supplied for self-learning.

Training with a GraziaCAD instructor or distance learning via Internet is also available.

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