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GraziaCAD for Freelancers

The solution provides a high functionality for commercial pattern design and effective cooperation with sewing enterprises.

Freelancers use the GraziaCAD to make pattern pieces:

  • for the own manufacture
  • for the enterprises’ orders
  • being employed at any enterprise that use any CAD or without one


  • Automation of all pattern design preproduction tasks
  • Limitless possibilities for creativeness
  • High performance of pattern making
  • Perfect quality of garments in all sizes
  • Ability to transfer the patterns in any convenient format for customer
  • Ability to plot the patterns

CAD Modules

GraziaCAD for Freelancers includes modules:

Optional modules:


  • Buy – $3,750 USD
  • Rent, yearly – $750 USD special offer

Free trial version

The free trial version is installing for 30 days.

Check the GraziaCAD effectiveness during pattern design and pre-production of real model. Free!

Instructions, Self-study Manual and Video lessons are supplied for self-learning.

Training with a GraziaCAD instructor or distance learning via Internet is also available.

Download GraziaCAD Trial

Download GraziaCAD Trial

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