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How to Choose CAD System?

This question is very simple and very difficult at the same time. To find an answer for this question itís necessary to answer for subquestions.

1. What is a purpose of choice CAD System?

Computer technologies slowly but surely conquer more and more fields of human activities. Ten years ago it was difficult to imagine how it would be working, Nowadays itís more difficult to imagine how we could work with computers.

In the field of projecting and manufacturing clothes itís common knowledge that entertainment couldnít be competitive without computer technologies. The suppliers of CAD System become more active too.

There are two kinds of CAD System suppliers:

  1. Developers of CAD Systems
  2. Distributors of foreign CAD Systems

Before domestic software engineers couldnít compete with foreign developers of software because they had more modern equipment, computers, plotters, digitizers, cutting devices etc. Today itís no problem to buy good equipment and Domestic software engineers take up high position in the world. Domestic software engineers develop program and alternate technologies taking into account features of native manufacture.

The distributors of foreign CAD Systems focus their activity in advertisement and sale of programs. Very often the advertisement makes a good imagine of CAD System that very different from facts.

The direction of garment fabrics that going to buy CAD System have some problems to examine real advantages and weakness of different CAD Systems.

The right choice of CAD Systems its expensive action that has a big influence on the future f entertainment. Another CAD System doesnít solve any task and would form new problems. It would be spent a lot of time and money.

2. Who should choose CAD System?

Sometimes CAD System is chosen by direction. Sometimes CAD System is chosen by specialist that would be use it. Sometimes CAD System is chosen by programmer, system administrator.

All of these cases have very largely subjectivism and voluntarism. To make an objective right choice all these categories have to take part in selection of CAD System and estimate effectiveness from itís part.

Programmers examine interface, reliability of saving data, data administration, and system restoring, service help for users.

Specialists examine effectiveness, usability and opportunity of system.

Direction make total estimation of using CAD System, check completeness of automation Ė automation of all necessary stages from projecting to management of business processes: Pattern design, Technology of production, Planning of manufacture, Markers layout, Storing calculation, Management of business processes, Monitoring of production dynamic and others.

3. How to choose CAD System?

To make a right choice its need to form in details procedure of testing CAD System at Your fabric. Itís necessary to enumerate all processes that must automated, define a rate of their importance and measure of efficiency. Must be automated both stage of pattern design and stage of making markers. A bad program of making markers can decrease effectiveness of projecting clothes. Also must be checked all stages of manufacture.

Testing CAD System must be with participation of specialists of CAD System.

Direction order model to make experiment. Specialist of fabric with help of specialist of CAD System create pattern of model in base size, make patterns of model in all necessary sizes and heights, and on individual figure, form technological sequence of production and the labour-division scheme, layout markers, test automation processes of planning, storing, management, monitoring of business processes. The estimation must be of done separately for every stage and for completely automation.

The results of experiment must be estimated jointly by direction and specialists. The question for thought: ďAre the interest of direction and interest of specialist coincide?Ē

The most common answers from ďneverĒ to ďsome timesĒ.

After organizing experiment of CAD System itís not out of place to organize experiment of another CAD System and compare results. The time that was spent at the testing different CAD Systems in case of right choice would be generously repaid!

4. What tasks is CAD System must solve?

CAD System must completely automate the next tasks:

a) Pattern design

  • Provide quality of modelís pieces in all sizes and heights
  • Reconstruction model for individual body dimensions to execute individual and corporative orders
  • Provide quick alternation of models
  • Alternate model with changing fit addition, shrinkage factor and design idea

b) Provide production quantity Ė this task is solving with Markers Layout CAD Module.

c) Storing calculation - operative account of primary materials, accessories, finished goods and executed works.

d) Planning

  • Planning collection, assortment
  • Order the plan of manufacturing
  • Define a degree of a modelís readiness to launching in manufacture
  • Calculate manufacturing costs, the prime cost and a sale price, need of materials for executing the order

e) Business Management

  • Operative and exact information about the dynamics of manufacture and realization of any product for any period
  • Account manufacturing activities and forming the optimum plan.