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History of CAD Systems for Apparel Development

Americans were first who begging automate processes in light industry. They create automate cutting device (ACD) for cutting material flooring by special knife over the ordered program without previous marking. The path to wide spread using was not very easy. The developers over 5 years persuade entertainments of light industry in effectiveness of their method. Once they persuaded automobile entertainment to try cutting device to cut material for car seat covers. Results surpasse all expectations. After this case some entertainments in garment industry start to use cutting device. Very important that many present-day CAD Systems very similar to American system “Gerber”.

In USSR the first CAD System for light industry was jointly developed by specialist of Department mathematical and optimal projecting of Institute machine-building problem in Ukraine Academy of Science and Research and developing bureau of automated control systems for textile and light industry in Moscow. The system was developed on the base of ARM SM-4.

Specialist of Institute machine-building problem developed software for projecting markers. Specialists of Research and developing bureau developed Automate Cutting Device (ACD) for cutting by laser beam.

In 1988 year software was demonstrated at Federal Exhibition Center in Moscow. CAD System was regarded by “Gold medal” because of realized program of automatically projecting marker surpass all well-known CAD System in the world.

This software serves the necessary need but didn’t become wide spread because of using ARM SM-4 which were only 2 units in USSR for light industry.

A wide developing of CAD Systems starts in 1990 years with spreading of IMB PC computers. On the base of this software were developed two well-known CAD Systems “GRAZIA” and “Comtense”.

GraziaCAD was started developing over 30 years ago. In 1972 in the Institute of machine-building problem of Ukraine Academy of Science was formed department of mathematical and optimal projecting. Disciple of academic Rvachev V.L professor Stoyan Y.G. was a chief of this department. Under the direction of Stoyan Y.G. were developing theory and mathematic method of geometric projecting. This theory allowed solving task of making marker layout as task of optimal layout geometric objects in ordered area.

Nowadays CAD System GRAZIA successfully used at 120 fabrics, studying 58 Universities, Institutes and colleges in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and others. CAD System GRAZIA conducts intimate cooperation with educational institute and used for organizing researches and dissertations.